Weibo Post – Regarding Shen Qiao and Yan Wushi’s Date of Birth

Translated by: happibess

Regarding Shen Qiao and Yan Wushi’s Date of Birth

A few days ago, I received from my editor a letter from a reader abroad, it mentioned a question about Shen Qiao and Yan Wushi’s date of birth. I was always under the impression that I had mentioned Shen Qiao’s birthday within the story, but because of this fan’s question I flipped through the original text and found that I actually hadn’t. Thus, I am supplementing it with this post.

Previously, in the Traditional Chinese version of Thousand Autumns publication, I had written the following:

It was an Autumn day. The wind howled for thousands of miles, there were dilapidated walls all around, and broken tiles as far as the eye could see. The world would never look the same again.

Qi Fengge rubbed his head. “I almost forgot, do you remember your name?”


“Shen what?”

The boy sucked on a finger, thinking hard. “Qiao.”

Qi Fengge was very patient. “Which Qiao?”

With a blank expression, the boy shook his head. After all, he was still very young, and having encountered a long period of turmoil caused by war, he had forgotten it.

Qi Fengge put him down, placed one arm around him, and with the other, drew the character “峤” into the ground using his sword.

According to the above text, Shen Qiao was very young when his master picked him up from the streets. He didn’t even know his real name except that it was pronounced “Qiao”. It was his master that gave him the name “峤”, so he also doesn’t remember his birthday. His master took the day of their meeting, liqiu, as Shen Qiao’s birthday. In Chinese, liqiu is one of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms in the lunar calendar, which is between August 7-9. After Shen Qiao grew up, by word of mouth, the people of Mount Xuandu had designated Shen Qiao’s birthday as liqiu (or August 8th in the Gregorian calendar) and this gradually became his established birthday.

As for Yan Wushi’s date of birth, he himself has never mentioned it before, nor has he ever celebrated it. Since Shen Qiao practiced Daoism, he believed that a person’s date of birth was not important when discerning who you are as a person. However, Yan Wushi was wildly arrogant by nature and believed that if he wanted, everyday could be his date of birth; there was no need for formalities.

Source: MXS’ weibo

2 thoughts on “Weibo Post – Regarding Shen Qiao and Yan Wushi’s Date of Birth

  1. Shen veio das ruas? Provavelmente seus pais morreram na guerra! Ah meu Deus! Amo ainda mais ele! Mas , para ser quem ele é, com certeza sua data de nascimento foi um dia muito especial! Yan, sendo totalmente o contrário do Shen, também teve como o dia de seu nascimento, especial. Resta-nos saber, se a sua personalidade é devido seu nascimento ou se aconteceu alguma coisa na sua vida. Historia maravilhosa!


  2. Omg. Hahaha 🤣 😂 YWS sure is a kind of special to be that arrogant. Dang, beats my every-Friday-is-my-birthday excuse to order takeout. Thanks for including this as part of the work!

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