JJWXC Mini-Guide

Hello! This entire part should be done via the desktop. Purchasing novels should be done via the app (which will be a different guide).

Table of Contents:

  • Creating an Account
  • Logging-In
  • Topping-up Coins (via PayPal)
  • Supporting Authors and Novels for FREE

Creating an Account

To create an account, using Google translate (or any translator extension) is sufficient! If you don’t have a translator handy, then follow these steps below:

Step 1: Go to jjwxc.net.
Step 2: Click on 注册 (register account). This is on the upper right hand corner of the website.
Step 3: If you have a Chinese mobile number, you can register via the first tab. Otherwise, click on the second tab 邮箱方式注册 (register by e-mail).
Step 4: Fill in your info (first field is e-mail, second and third is your password).
Step 5: Fill out the captcha (it’s a puzzle, slide the puzzle until it fits into the picture).
Step 6: Click on 获取验证码 (get verification code). Grab the code (should be 4-digit numeric code) from your e-mail and put it in the field next to this button.
Step 7: Once you click on get verification code, you may have to do the captcha in Step 4 again. Simply re-do the puzzle.
Step 8: Check the tickmark for 已阅读并同意《用户注册协议》和《隐私权政策》(this means you have read and agree to the “User Registration Agreement” and “Privacy Policy”).
Step 9: Click on 下一步 (next step).

You will get taken to a page that should hopefully say user-registration successful! In about 5 seconds, you will be re-directed to the log-in page.


If you just created an account, you should already be on the log-in page (skip to step 2). Otherwise, follow from step 1 below:

Step 1: Click on 登入 (login). This is on the upper right hand corner of the website.
Step 2
: Fill in your e-mail (first line) and password (second line).
Step 3: Check the tickmark for 已阅读并同意《用户注册协议》和《隐私权政策》 (this means you have read and agree to the “User Registration Agreement” and “Privacy Policy”).
Step 4 (optional): Check the tickmark for 保持登入一个月 (stay logged in for a month).
Step 5: Click on 登入 (login).
Step 6 (first time only): The first time you log-in, it will ask you to create a nickname. Type in a nickname you desire, then click either left side: 添加 (add) right side: 取消 (cancel). You can always modify your nickname later by going to your userinfo and clicking on [修改] (modify) next to your nickname.

Topping-up Coins (via PayPal)

My Recommendation: Recharge via website, purchase novels via the app.

Step 1: Login to jjwxc.net (if you haven’t yet).
Step 2: Click on 充值 (top-up).
Step 3: Click on 国际信用卡充值 (international credit card recharge) – it says credit card but it’s anything connected to your paypal.
Step 4: Select the amount you want to recharge (17 or 34 USD). 17 USD = 10,000 JJWXC coins. 34 USD = 20,000 JJWXC coins (so no benefit/bonus for topping up more).
Step 5: Click the yellow 立即购买 (purchase).
Step 6: Click the left side: 同意充值 (agree to top-up) or right side: 取消充值 (cancel top-up).
Step 7: When you agree, it will take you to paypal.
Step 8: After paypal is done, you will be redirected to a temporary page. Immediately copy and paste the Chinese text you see. This page only lasts about 2 seconds. Put it into Google translate. If it says something like top-up successful, you’re good to go. It might say it will take up to 24 hours for the points to appear in your account, but for me it was immediate.
Step 9: To check your balance, click on your username (upper left hand corner), click on 账务 (accounting info), then click on 我的余额 (my balance).

Thousand Autumns was 1,670 JJWXC coins via the app (when you purchase through the app the author gets less, but it’s like 66% cheaper for us users).

Supporting Authors and Novels for FREE

Don’t have the money or PayPal? You can still support the author and the novels!

First, let’s start with favoriting a novel:

Step 1: Click on 读书 (read a book).
Step 2: On the upper left hand is a search field. By default, it searches via novel’s name (so don’t include author’s name, etc). Copy and paste the Chinese name for your favorite novel. For example, Thousand Autumns is 千秋. A drop down list should appear. The first result is Thousand Autumns. (If you can’t find a specific novel, leave a comment and I can post the link to your novel for you.)
Step 3: Scroll down until you see 收藏此文章 (favorite this novel). Click on it.
Step 4: A pop-up will appear telling you it has been favorited as uncategorized. To create and add it to a category, click on the gray “+新增收藏类别”. Type in the name you want (English is okay). Then click on left side: 新增 (create) or right side: 取消 (cancel). Once the category is created, click on the category! The pop-up will disappear and you know it is successful.
Step 5: If you get the following message, it means you have already favorited it (clicking on “收藏此文章” again does not remove it from favorites): 文章《千秋》2423737 之前被成功收藏,您可以在收藏列表的【BL】类别当中找到^_^

Now to bookmark the author:

Step 1: Right above the favorite button should be the word 作者 (author). Next to that is the author’s name. Click on it.
Step 2: Click on 收藏此作者 (bookmark the author).
Step 3: If you see a green checkmark appear, you have successfully bookmarked the author. If you click on 收藏此作者 (bookmark the author) again, it will not remove the bookmark, it simply tells you that you have already bookmarked it.

Thank you for supporting the novel and the author!

8 thoughts on “JJWXC Mini-Guide

  1. I want to ask if I did favorite a book, is there no way I can read the VIP novel for free? Do I have to buy it one way or another, just so I can read the next chapter?


    • It depends on the author, but that is usually the default case, yes. There are other novels that are completely free, or free only with regards to the main chapters but not the extra chapters (which then require payment to access).


  2. Hello there

    I’ve tried both outlook and Google emails but I’ve never received the confirmation emails from them to fill in the code, hence weren’t able to register at all. Can you tell me what kind of email I should use for registration? Thanks


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