Peerless Extra – New Year 2022

Translated by: SassyStrawberry
Edited by: yukirayu

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22-1-5 21:00


Coming, coming, how can today be left out?

Especially since I am the most hardworking and funny blogger![春游家族]

The rest of the small benefits are still brew-ing,.  During the New Year period, the benefits will be gradually distributed one by one!

PS: last time it was @ tzvaze who won the prize in the last quiz. A small red packet will be directly sent to you via private message, please be sure to check that you’ve received it!

————☆ Unrivalled in this world(《Peerless》Little Theatre)☆————

Pei Jingzhe opened his eyes wide and stared at the contents of the brocade box after it had been opened.

His alarm and dread were momentarily magnified, leaving him tongue-tied and speechless. The word “langjun” was not said entirely. He only stuttered, “Lang…lang…lang…” for a long time but not being able to complete his sentence.

It wasn’t that he was unworldly and inexperienced, but that he had never before seen anyone use such a gorgeous brocade box to send a heart.

A dripping with fresh blood, seemingly still warm heart, lay within the box. Upon closer inspection, it almost seemed to beat.

It was the New Year! Who would send hearts to others, let alone to the Jiejian Bureau? And even to be audacious in the extreme to address the item to Bureau Head Feng-er?!

Could it be another heaven-shocking and murderous crime?

How many people would get dragged into this affair? And what kind of bloody storms would this stir up?

In a short time, Pei Jingzhe’s brain had already supplied innumerable heart-stopping and fluctuating scenarios.

In his view, even Chang’an would be dyed red.

Feng Xiao noticed the shifts in his expression and understood what he was thinking.

“You’ve followed me for so long; can you be a little smarter?” Feng Xiao sighed. “One would know from a glance that this isn’t a human heart. You actually can’t tell the difference between a human heart and a pig’s heart.”

En? Ah?!”

Pei Jingzhe scrutinized it again and realized that the heart was indeed much larger than normal. It was truly nothing like the human hearts which had been dug out in crime scenes that he had previously encountered. 

“Then… then who would have sent a pig’s heart over?! How could someone dare to provoke the Jiejian Bureau?”

His shock turned to fury, Pei Jingzhe immediately stamped his foot, looking like a hedgehog who’d gotten its spines yanked out.

En, no matter who it is, they certainly harbor ill intent and must be severely punished.”

Feng Xiao may have spoken these words, but the corner of his mouth was lifted in a smile.

Pei Jingzhe, …Did langjun suffer from a qi deviation from practicing his martial arts that he can’t even control his expressions now? 

He listened as Feng Xiao continued speaking, “As for this pig heart… out of sight, out of mind. You get the kitchen staff to fry the pig heart with minced garlic, and have it sent to Cui-zhengshi. [1]

[1] zhèng shǐ (正使) – Official envoy

Pei Jingzhe, “Ah?”

Feng Xiao looked askance at him, saying “Ah? What ‘ah’? Did I not speak clearly enough?”

It certainly was clear enough, but Pei Jingzhe suspected that his family’s langjun would not be able to enter the Zuoyue Bureau for at least ten days or half a month if he does this.

However, he seemed to have guessed wrongly.

After that plate of minced garlic pig’s heart was sent over, there was no response from the Zuoyue Bureau at all. Bureau Head Feng-er still hummed his little ditty and slipped into the back door of the Cui residence in the middle of the night, just as he usually would.

Pei Jingzhe clucked his tongue in wonder at this, thinking that langjun had truly embodied the principles of social ethics, [2] finally being firm and strong-willed this once. 

[2] fū gāng dà zhèn (夫纲大振) – The three principles of social ethics or sān gāng (三纲). The first is the king is “the master and the minister is the follower”. The second is “the father is the master and son the follower”. The third is “the husband is the master and the wife is the follower” (i.e. the wife should obey the husband).

It was only half a month later that he found out that the pig’s heart had actually been sent by Cui Buqu.

This was because, on a particular day, Feng Xiao had tried to show off his literary talent to Cui Buqu, saying, “The gentleman’s heart is like mine, [3] with both our hearts reflecting the moon.”

[3] jūn xīn sì wǒ xīn (君心似我心) – it is part of a longer quote from a poem by Northern Song dynasty’s Li Ziyi 《卜算子》. The quote is zhǐyuàn jūn xīn sì wǒ xīn, dìng bù fù xiāng sī yì (只愿君心似我心,定不负相思意)I can only wish that your heart is like mine, and I will live up to (not let you down) your feelings of yearning.

Therefore, Cui-zhengshi simply sent over a pig’s heart in order to express his gratitude. 

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  1. Awwww they’ll never stop their teasing, right? And that poor subordinate, still not getting it 😀
    I love their dynamic – I dearly wish for more QQ crossover extras. The two demonic path peacocks, egged on by Cui Buqu, and Shen Qiao trying to smooth things down (or spectate in amusement 😛

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