Weibo Supertopic 2022 (A)

Translated by: SassyStrawberry
Edited by: happibess and yukirayu

@tai太铃ling‘s comment:

Good evening, dada! I first encountered Thousand Autumns via the audio drama, and then I purchased the novel to read, and hence fell in love with it!

Previously, I saw comments complaining about Shen Qiao’s double standards. He set clear boundaries when dealing with the betrayal of his disciple brothers, but constantly forgave Lao Yan’s repeated betrayals.

Actually, I feel that Ah-Qiao is broad-minded and looks at the bigger picture of the world. While they coveted the position of zhangjiao, they have never told Ah-Qiao this. They also colluded with external parties to threaten the world’s peace. Ah-Qiao treats his disciple brothers with respect and equality, yet these decades of good feelings were repaid with a poisoned cup due to different viewpoints and ideas. Even when Ah-Qiao questioned him directly, he felt that he had not committed any great wrongs, otherwise why would he have so been so heartbroken and determined to draw clear boundaries between them, right?

As for Lao Yan, he was initially a stranger whom he had only heard of; they had no emotional ties to begin with. Also, Lao Yan was someone who had spent many years traversing the jianghu and has encountered all kinds of people and events. He has a subtle aura that Shen Qiao has never seen before whilst living on Mount Xuandu. He taught Ah-Qiao several methods to handle matters, it was like he had pulled Ah-Qiao from his ivory tower to experience the world’s beauty and ugliness, letting Ah-Qiao get mired in pitfalls. Also, I feel that Ah-Qiao’s life prior to this has always been very proper and rule-abiding, and no one was ever sultry like Lao Yan. Hahahahaha.

Initially when Lao Yan gave Ah-Qiao away, I was almost angered to death by this. Although later he did undergo many difficulties and trials later, I still want to see Lao Yan being abused. Hehe.

What is dada’s perspective on this? (>﹏<)

梦溪石鸭‘s reply:

When Shen Qiao’s fellow disciple brothers betrayed him, they not only betrayed Shen Qiao, but went against their sect’s core principles and beliefs. As for Lao Yan, his betrayal of Shen Qiao was on a personal basis. From this, it is evident that Shen Qiao is someone who is willing to look at the bigger picture, putting the interests of the group before own self-interest, and who is unwilling to fuss over personal gratitude or grievances. To him, for his shi-xiongdi—who by all rights should be in alignment with him and walking the same path together—to betray and sell out their nation is a much more serious issue.


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One thought on “Weibo Supertopic 2022 (A)

  1. not to mention, SQ did come to Mount Xuandu to confront Yu Ai and thus gave him a chance to turn back from that path, but Yu Ai didn’t. Da-shixiong was even worse.
    Whereas Yan Wushi not only kept at protecting the land, but also his behaviour towards SQ changed; so I really can’t agree with anyone who’d say that SQ has shown double standards.
    Thanks so much for the translation 🙂


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