Weibo Supertopic 2022 (B)

Translated by: SassyStrawberry
Edited by: happibess and yukirayu


[开学季]’s Question:

[开学季] 1. I vaguely recall that Miao Miao had once said that when she wrote about Shen Qiao self-destructing his Taoist core/heart (daoxin), he reminisced about Qi Fengge saying, “Our family’s Ah-Qiao is the world’s most adorable person,” she had been so touched that she cried while writing this. May I ask if Miao Miao has been similarly moved to tears by other characters that she has written.

2. When you were writing about the impact theory between Yan-Qiao’s three views on life, have you ever been conflicted about how to shape Shen Qiao as a character? After all, this kind of ‘godly, good person’ character/trope is easily over-used. If one’s writing capabilities are insufficient – it will be difficult for him to win over people’s hearts. Shen Qiao is usually gentle and warm, but when he is performing deeds in accordance with his own principles, his attitude is extremely strong and forceful. I’d like to understand a bit of Miao’s psychological process when handling this character’s words and actions.

3. Was Yu Ai’s death already decided on from the start? Have there been any discrepancies between the initial concept and the final outcome?

4. Other than the main characters, does Miao have any supporting characters that she likes?

I have liked Miao Miao and Thousand Autumns for nearly six years now, they are extremely important to me…… [抱一抱][抱一抱][抱一抱] Miao truly writes such exciting and wonderful stories, I hope that Miao will always be able to follow her heart and continue writing in future.

梦溪石鸭’s reply:

1. Yes there are such scenarios in every story.

2. Shen Qiao is first and foremost a person; he is a person with flaws, before he is a good person, and finally he is someone who possesses the brave and chivalrous principles of a hero/knight-errant.

3. Yu Ai’s betrayal was set from the start, but his death was not. It was a necessary outcome of the plot progression.

4. Yes, the character lao-si (老四 or 老4) in the story 麟趾.

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