Peerless – Mid-Autumn Extra

Translated by: SassyStrawberry


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It’s again the Mid-Autumn festival! I am very happy to be able to continue spending it together with everyone. As long as you all enjoy it, I will continue writing. Happy Mooncake festival! [Fresh Persimmons] [Jade Rabbit grinds the medicine] I’ve not updated these few days, so I’ll send up a Mid-Autumn setting <<Peerless>> little extra to add some extra cheer, the entire text has nothing to do with the formal story.

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*A Fantastical Exchange of Lives

A “what if Feng Xiao and Cui Buqu exchanged bodies” scenario.

What might happen when the frail and sickly Jiejian Bureau Head Feng Xiao, encounters the resourceful Zuoyue Envoy Cui Buqu —

The possible Scenario 1

The Jiejian Bureau, Bureau Head holds up a mirror to view his own reflection.

He coughed as he questions the person standing behind him, not even turning his head. “Jingzhe, would someone like this venerable one be called a sickly beauty?”

The corners of Pei Jingzhe’s mouth twitched, he did not intend to dignify this with a response.

But Feng Xiao refused to let him get away with it. Not hearing any reply, he turned to look towards Pei Jingzhe.

Pei Jingzhe had no choice but to say,” Beautiful, too beautiful.”

Feng Xiao was displeased,” My family’s Ququ would not reply to me in such a perfunctory, half-hearted manner.”

Pei Jingzhe thought to himself, Really?

The possible Scenario 2

On this perfect night, the flowers bloomed and the moon was full and round. [1]

[1] usually used to congratulate someone on their wedding. A metaphor for a better life.

Cui Buqu lay in bed together with Feng Xiao. Feng Xiao looked at the person beneath him, whose clothes were unfastened and hung open. His expression was unable to be seen clearly, as he lowered his head. “Ququ…”

Drip drop, drip drop.

Cui Buqu’s chest had new drops of fresh blood on it.

Feng Xiao, Cui Buqu.”…”

Cui Buqu,” Can you do it or not? How about I be on top?”

The Jiejian Bureau Head was infuriated by this,” Are you doubting my ability?”

Thus, he coughed while clutching at his chest, as he spent the night in disordered chaos.

*The night of the Mid-Autumn Festival

Cui Buqu lifted his gaze towards the brightly shining, white jade platter in the sky.

His expression was serene, but his heart was inevitably filled with turbulent thoughts.

Since his birth, his life had been filled with trials and difficulties; He’d struggled and paced between the boundary of life and death several times, before hauling his broken body into the present.

Had it been ten years ago, he may not have even considered that ten years later, he’d still be able to sit here peacefully to admire the glorious full moon.

Having another person by his side was also unexpected.

But —

It didn’t seem to be that bad.


“Ququ, come here. Today, this venerable one has personally prepared a mooncake to enjoy together with you.” Someone chimed in enthusiastically from the side.

Cui Buqu’s eyebrows twitched once, he seemed to have an ominous premonition.

He watched as Feng Xiao lifted the lid to reveal the mystery that lay beneath it. It was a mooncake the size of an adult man’s palm — it could not be considered to be small.

In clear relief against the white mooncake skin, one could see the figure of a man printed upon it. Upon closer scrutiny, one could make out that the man seemed to be in profile as he played the flute. His bearing was graceful and elegant; he stood tall whilst wearing a jade crown.

Cui Buqu,”……”

Feng Xiao,” It is regrettable that this venerable one’s elegant demeanor cannot be fully replicated on this cake. However, it is alright. Ququ, you eating this cake, is equivalent to you consuming me into your belly. In the future, I will always be within you, you will always be within me, and we will never again be separated.”

After speaking the last few words, he gestured eloquently with great significance.

Cui Buqu remained silent as he looked toward the moon.

I really want to smack that mooncake onto his face.


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