Ming Jing Tai (明镜台) Extra

Translated by: SassyStrawberry

Project:  Ming Jing Tai (明镜台) | Author: neleta 尼子
| Rating: Mature | Total Chapters: 29 + 1 Extra

The rest of the novel has been translated by anotherqiqi.wordpress.com

I translated this extra because anotherqiqi has said that they have moved on from the novel and do not intend to continue translating it. Since I was reading the novel anyway, I decided to finish it.

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Extra 1: Household Matters

Yi Chongren left the palace to handle some work-related matters. After he returned to the palace, he heard the news that Baozi had gone missing. Douzi was wailing loudly in anxiety. The palace was in a chaotic mess as everyone searched for Baozi.

Yi Chongren grabbed hold of a palace eunuch, and asked coldly,” What’s going on here? How did the Prince of Heshou go missing?”

These two children, Baozi and Douzi were usually inseparable from one another. It is impossible that Baozi would deliberately hide himself to cause Douzi worry.

The eunuch Qin Wan, whom he’d grabbed, was terrified. His speech faltered as he replied,” To reply to daren [1], this slave…this slave…does not know.”

[1] dà rén (大人) an honorific title for those in senior positions, such as gentry and aristocracy. It can also be a title for one’s parents and elders. Your Excellency.

Catching sight of the look of evasion in the other person’s eyes, Yi Chongren did not question him further, instead, he headed directly towards the inner courtyard.

Upon arriving at the inner courtyard, Yi Chongren found Guo An to inquire on the situation. Guo An also hemmed and hawed, but since he was Yi Chongren’s subordinate, he did not dare conceal the matter, and had no choice but to inform him.

“This subordinate isn’t certain on what exactly transpired. Initially, both wangye [3] were in tears as they went to the inner courtyard in search of you [2], Daren. Daren, you [2] weren’t there, so the two wangye [3] said that they would go find the Emperor. However, this subordinate heard that the Prince of Heshou had disappeared, and the Prince of Anping was crying inconsolably. The Emperor feared worrying you [2], and said that we were not to inform you [2] first. Uh… the Emperor is in Ningshen Palace.”

[2] nín (您) – the respectful form of ‘you’, it is generally used for elders or people of a higher status. 

[3] wáng ye (王爷) A way of addressing a Prince. It’s the same ye (爷) as Laoye and shaoye that you’ve seen earlier. wáng (王) means king or prince. Remember that the Emperor is (皇上), he is above the Princes.
Baozi is Yi Enbao, Prince of Heshou, and Douzi is Huo Enchong, the  Prince of Anping.

Baozi’s sudden abandonment of Douzi, to run off on his own – this matter was really too much out of the ordinary. Although Baozi and Douzi are the same age, Douzi is creative and resourceful, so Baozi is very obedient toward Douzi.

Yi Chongren hurried towards Ningshen Palace. He had already guessed what had probably happened. Midway through his journey, he suddenly changed his course and walked towards the Taili Pavilion, which was the tallest place on the Imperial Palace grounds.

Daren, the Emperor has requested for you to head towards Ningshen Palace immediately upon your return.” Upon witnessing Yi Chongren’s change in direction, Guo An who was accompanying him hastily spoke up.

Yi Chongren’s footsteps did not pause, as he asked,” Where is the Crown Prince [4] now?”

[4] tài zǐ (太子) The Crown Prince. This is Huo Yunkai or Maizi.

“The Crown Prince is also searching for his Highness [5].”

[5] diàn xià (殿下) – an honorific used for the royal family. Diàn (殿) means hall or palace thus diànxià literally means “below your hall/palace”.

“Have the Crown Prince go to Ningshen Palace. Tell the Emperor that I will bring over the Prince of Heshou in a while.”

Daren knows where his Highness [5] is?” Guo An was dumbfounded.

Yi Chongren’s expression was gloomy, as he replied in an ambiguous manner,” The older he gets, the more capable he is. He even dares to enact a ‘gone missing’ drama – he’s really asking for a beating!”

Guo An trembled a little at this. He had to inform the Emperor in all haste. His Excellency seemed to be very angry this time. The Prince of Heshou’s little buttocks would be sure to suffer disaster. Little Zuzhong [6], where are you hiding? Hurry up and come back. If you don’t come back quick, even the Emperor won’t be able to shield you.”

[6] zǔ zong (祖宗) An honorific for one’s ancestors or elders. When used together with the xiǎo (小) Little/Small, xiǎo zǔ zong(小祖宗) or Little Ancestor is used more like Little devil/brat, and is a title given to a young master by a servant when they are anxious. This is what Jiang Shining calls Xue Xian in Copper Coins Niches.

In Ningshen Palace, Huo Feng was anxiously awaiting news of Baozi. Every now and then one would hear his furious roar,” How is it that he’s not been found! He’s just a child, where could he be hiding!”

“Emperor Father…Emperor Father… Baozi blames me, Baozi doesn’t want to pay attention to me anymore…” Douzi sobbed by the side.

Huo Feng walked over to pick up his 11-year-old son, sat down with him, and said,” Why would Baozi blame you? You are brothers – brothers who have never ever been separated. He’s just taking it very hard right now. Once Baozi has been found, Emperor Father will explain matters clearly to him.”

Wu… Emperor Father…Baozi is my real brother…I don’t want other brothers…”

“Yes, yes. Even if you don’t state it, it is still so. Stop crying first. Your father [7] is on his way. If he learns about this, he’s bound to be furious. Hurry up and think about where Baozi might be hiding?”

[7] Huo Feng is referred to as fù huáng(父皇) lit.”Father Emperor”. Yi Chongren was previously referred to as diē diē (爹爹) – previous TL used “Daddy” since it was a repeated diē ((爹), which makes it a bit more childish and casual, so I’ve used Father here. diē is pronounced dee-eh, not die.

Upon hearing that Daddy [7] was about to return, Douzi stopped crying. Although Daddy always doted on them a lot, if they were disobedient or caused mischief – Daddy would definitely not show them any mercy!

Yi Chongren is extremely doting and loving towards Baozi and Douzi. Particularly when the two of them were very young – he really took great pains in raising them. But the two are boys, after all, and of high status. Ever since they returned to the capital, Yi Chongren’s instruction towards his two young sons became stricter – they were absolutely prohibited from breaking rules or acting unscrupulously.

If one were to ask, who Baozi and Douzi feared most – it was neither their Emperor Father nor was it their Taizigege [4] . Instead, it was their Daddy [7]. Anyway, it wasn’t just them. Even Huo Feng and Huo Yunkai, these two most powerful and influential people under Heaven today – the person they feared most was also the former Hu’An guard’s Qianhu [8] daren.

[8] qiān hù (千户) lit.” Thousand Households” is a hereditary military post.

Huo Feng is aware that this matter can’t be kept under wraps. The most pressing thing now was to find Baozi before Yi Chongren returned, and coax him. Otherwise, if Yi Chongren returns to find that Baozi hid because of ‘that matter’, things would become extremely troublesome.

Unfortunately, what they feared indeed came to pass.

Lu Tao hastily came inside, and reported,” Emperor, Daren has returned. He made a trip to the inner courtyard and is currently headed towards the Taili Pavilion.

“Father came back?!” Douzi shivered involuntarily.

“How is it that he’s back so quickly!” Huo Feng exclaimed in his heart that this was bad, and immediately asked,” Why did he go to the Taili Pavilion?”

“This slave doesn’t know. Guo-daren mentioned that he was extremely angry, and instructed this slave to hurry up and inform the Emperor.”

“Go to Taili Pavilion!”

Whilst holding his son’s hand, Huo Feng hurried over to Taili Pavilion. Not long after they’d left Ningshen Palace, a stern and cold voice, seeming as if it could practically be heard throughout the entire Imperial Palace, rang out from Taili Pavilion.

“Yi Enbao, Father will count to ten. If you don’t come out by the time I reach ten, be prepared to face the consequences!”

Chongren! Huo Feng passed Douzi to Lu Tao and ran ahead.

Father is angry. Douzi was so frightened that an icy sensation filled his limbs. Wuwu. It’s all his fault that Baozi will get punished by Father.


Huo Yunkai, who was accompanied by a search party for Baozi, yelled loudly,” Baozi! Hurry up and come out!”


Everyone within the palace couldn’t help trembling. Oh my mother, the third Highness [5] needs to escape from disaster today!

“Three!” In the Imperial harem courtyard which was generally deserted throughout the year, one of the room doors opened, and a tear-stained little fatty timidly came out.


The little fatty cowered a little as he walked into the courtyard, the corners of his mouth pursed.


The little fatty lifted his head, and opened his mouth to respond in the direction of the voice,” Father, ah! Waaa!” The sounds of crying were earthshakingly loud – so wronged and aggrieved, so sad and heartbroken.

Yi Chongren ‘flew’ like a bird from the summit of the Taili Pavilion towards the sounds of weeping. Everyone also ran in that direction. At the first sound of his younger brother’s weeping, Huo Yunkai leaped up and sprinted madly in that direction. He must find his younger brother before his Yifu does!

Of the three Highnesses [5] in the palace, there is no need to mention Huo Yunkai, since he’s the Crown Prince, and is older than his two brothers by ten years. At the time that his family underwent great upheaval, he hadn’t been a very young child. Having been greatly influenced by Yi Chongren’s teachings, his actions were both mature and prudent, and he demonstrated intelligence and quick-wittedness. He was a Crown Prince that was widely acclaimed by the senior ministers of the court. It was destined that he would become an enlightened monarch, and would leave behind an illustrious name for the country of Yue in the annals of history.

Correspondingly, the Prince of Anping, Huo Enchong, and the Prince of Heshou, Yi Enbao, had grown up carefree and unencumbered by worry in their Father’s care and love. The two children did not have any memory of their mothers and had lost their mothers at an early age. Before their Emperor Father’s appearance, they only had their Daddy; Even after their Emperor Father appeared, they still were inseparable from Daddy. It is just that with their Emperor Father’s appearance, they felt that they indeed also had a mother – Daddy was their ‘mother’.

Having lived such a carefree life, what kind of trouble or vexing matters would two such children face? Other than Douzi, Huo Enchong feeling that learning martial arts was great hardship – not being able to go out and play all the time, like in the past. Or perhaps it was that Father had become busier, and did not sleep with him and Baozi anymore.

And as for Baozi, Yi Enbao. His biggest frustration was that he was too fat, and his body was too fleshy. But Father wouldn’t allow him to lose weight, and Douzi wouldn’t allow him to cut down. Emperor Father and Taizigege [4] wouldn’t allow him to cut down. He struggled about whether to eat or not to eat on a daily basis.

But today, these two carefree children are vexed. They are hurt and feel sad. Yi Chongren and the rest may call them Baozi and Douzi, but others address them as Wangye, or your Highness. The two children rarely thought about why they, as brothers, would have differing surnames.

It was only today that both of them understood why. Although it was only a muddled sort of understanding, it was sufficient for them to feel alarmed and distressed, particularly for Baozi.

Baozi cried until he was out of breath, and his grief was heart-rending. Huo Yunkai had just charged toward Baozi as the figure of Yi Chongren appeared just behind him.

Huo Yunkai turned to shield his younger brother, and quickly said,” Yifu, Baozi was just frightened. Don’t be angry with him.”

Upon seeing his father, Baozi cried even more in his grief. But he didn’t dare to go to his Father, instead hiding behind his Taizi-gege [4].

Huo Feng also arrived at this time, and pulled Baozi into his embrace, saying,” Chongren, we can talk about it after we return to Ningshen Palace.”

“Come here.” Yi Chongren stretched out a hand.

Baozi cowered away for a moment, before turning his head to look at Daddy piteously. His face was covered in tears and snot.

Huo Feng took the silk handkerchief proferred by the Crown Prince, and wiped Baozi’s face before pushing him over,” Go to Daddy, don’t cry anymore.”

Baozi’s crying became a little quieter. He was afraid as he slowly walked towards his Daddy, before reaching out to grab Daddy’s hand. At the instant that he touched Daddy, Baozi pounced into his Daddy’s embrace and started wailing bitterly and sadly.

“Baozi, Father…”

Lu Tao brought Douzi over, and upon seeing Baozi, Douzi cried as miserably as Baozi.

Yi Chongren extended his other hand to Douzi. Douzi ran over to hold onto Daddy’s hand, his face was also covered with tears and snot. Holding one in each hand, Yi Chongren brought the two children back to Ningshen Palace. The gloomy expression on his face filled Huo Feng with trepidation, let alone others. The palace attendants lowered their heads as Yi Chongren walked passed, not even daring to breathe loudly.

En route toward Ningshen palace, Yi Chongren passed Douzi to Huo Feng, and said coldly,” You tell Douzi.” Having spoken, he dragged the frightened Baozi into the bed chamber.

“Father…” Douzi wanted to follow but was led away by Huo Feng.

Huo Yunkai was worried and wanted to persuade his Yifu. But the door to the bedroom slammed shut with a bang. He could only walk to the side of the door and eavesdrop. In the event that Yifu intends to give Baozi a beating, he could rush in to ‘save him’ in a timely manner.

Facing his Daddy alone, Baozi didn’t dare to cry as loudly as before. It was just that the big tears still slid down, one after another.

Yi Chongren sat on the bed, without the slightest intention of coaxing his son. Instead, his expression was dark as he said,” You tell me what’s going on!”

Baozi sniffled, and the corners of his mouth trembled.


“Waaa!” Baozi reached up with his hands to wipe at his eyes, as he cried sadly,” I’m not…Father’s…son…Wu…I and Douzi…aren’t…real brothers…”

He didn’t ask whom Baozi had heard this from. Yi Chongren who had already guessed a little about the matter steeled his expression, unmoved as he spoke,” It is true that you are not Father’s real son. Neither you nor Douzi is. So what do you plan to do about it? Go look for your real parents?”


Baozi threw himself into his Daddy’s embrace, hugging him desperately,” Wuu… I’m not going…I’m not going…Daddy…You musn’t not want me, I’ll be obedient… Wuu…”

Yi Chongren inhaled deeply as he embraced his son tightly. His expression finally relaxed slightly.

“Do you know why Father brought you home then?”

Baozi shook his head. Afraid of being tossed aside by his Daddy, he climbed onto his Daddy’s body, using his limbs to entangle himself, just like he did when he was a young child.

Yi Chongren placed both hands under his son’s butt, allowing his son’s tears and snot to dribble onto his clothes. He spoke solemnly,” When Douzi was just born, your Emperor Father was framed by evil people. He and your Taizi-gege were almost killed by those evil people. Douzi also fell into those evil people’s clutches.”

Baozi’s body shuddered once, and his sounds of crying quietened.

Perhaps you may feel aggrieved, and that Father is biased. But if not for you, Douzi would likely have already died.”

“Ah!” Baozi raised his head, his eyes widening with fear.

“The evil people needed to drink children’s blood every day. In order to preserve Douzi’s life, Father had to give Douzi to the evil people. Later, I secretly used you to substitute for Douzi.”  Yi Chongren’s eyes were filled with guilt towards Baozi. This is where he let down his son the most. He raised Baozi’s right hand, and gently touched the long-faded, faint scar on his wrist.

“Later, Father asked Uncle Huaiqiu to send you away and killed the evil people. Baozi, This is why Father always wants you to eat more. Father, let you down.”

“Father…” Baozi gritted his teeth, as he made crying noises.

“Do you still want Father? Do you still want Baozi?”

Wuu…want… I want…” Baozi who had known only a portion of the truth spoke the reason why he had wanted to hide,” I was afraid…wuu…I was afraid that in the future, Father would…not want me…wuu…I was afraid…that Douzi would…not pay attention to me…I was afraid, Father…I was afraid…I want to be…Father’s…son…Douzi’s…Baozi…wuu…”

“Do you want to search for your real parents? At the time, Father didn’t intend to return you after taking you away, but if you want to look for them, Father will help you.”

“No…I don’t… I want Father…*coughs* I want Father!” Baozi cried until he started coughing.

Yi Chongren gently patted his son’s back, and then wiped his face,” You want Father, Father couldn’t not want you. Even more so, Douzi would never ignore you. What  are you crying for?”

Wuu…” He couldn’t hold it back.

“You are a dignified Prince of the First Rank [9]. Crying yourself into this state, and even causing unrest and chaos in the palace – such inappropriate behavior.” Yi Chongren put his son down and patted his butt with some force. “Go, go to your Emperor Father and Taizi-gege, tell them that you won’t do it again.”

[8] qīn wáng (亲王) The Prince of the first rank is the highest level of the aristocratic titles, below them are the Dukes (公), then Marquess (侯), etc. Generally hereditary, and they would have a territory of their own.

“Father…” Baozi wanted his Daddy to go with him.

Yi Chongren rose to his feet as he held Baozi’s hand.

As soon as the door opened, he saw Taizi-gege at the entrance. Baozi sobbed a little, before opening his mouth,” Taizi-gege… I was wrong…”

“Don’t cry, don’t cry. Taizi-gege, doesn’t blame you. It is Baozi who has been wronged.”

Huo Yunkai took Baozi’s hand from Yifu, and took him to meet their Emperor Father. Yi Chongren followed along.

Having walked to the opposite side, as he entered the room, Douzi ran over, hugging Baozi as he started to cry. Baozi hadn’t yet calmed down, so at this time, both children were huddled together in a crying mess.

Huo Feng gave Huo Yunkai a pointed look, and said,” Yunkai, wasn’t there something that you wanted to say to your Yifu?”

Huo Yunkai hastily followed on with,” Yifu, I have something that I need you for.”

Glancing over that his two sons and Huo Feng, Yi Chongren turned and left. Huo Yunkai stroked both his younger brothers’ heads and quickly walked out.

Huo Yunkai had trained at the border for three years and later, went on an inspection tour of the country. He had originally said that he would only return at the end of the year, but unexpectedly, abruptly returned to the capital. Yi Chongren hadn’t been able to have a good chat with him yet, and there was no better time than the present.

Once Yi Chongren and the Crown Prince left, Huo Feng separated the two children, leading one in each hand to the bed.

He also felt guilt towards Baozi and was clearly aware that Yi Chongren similarly felt ashamed toward Baozi. Huo Feng had always worried that Baozi would blame them once he found out about his past. Now looking at Baozi, things weren’t as bad as he feared. Huo Feng did feel relieved and reassured, but the overwhelming feeling was to feel distressed for his beloved Baozi.

He must properly coax Baozi, to make Baozi aware that, no matter who bore him – he will always be his and Chongren’s son…his precious son.


In another room, Huo Yunkai revealed a rarely seen expression of distress as he spoke,” Yifu, I have encountered a matter…a matter…that I don’t know how to deal with.”

“Tell me.” Yi Chongren’s expression was rather poor, his son’s grief had still affected him.

Huo Yunkai pursed his lips, and said,” I…met a pair of sisters…both of them are very good girls…I…”

“You have taken a fancy to them?” Yi Chongren was rather shocked at this. He had thought that the Crown Prince wouldn’t be enlightened about such matters for a few more years.

Huo Yunkai nodded slowly, and spoke with some awkwardness,” They…came to the capital to find me…they said that they are willing to share a husband…”

“Are they aware that you are the Crown Prince?”

Huo Yunkai shook his head,” They weren’t aware. It was only after they came to the capital that they found out. They…after they found out…they then said that they would go back…they are from the jianghu. I have never considered having multiple wives and concubines. I just want to find a woman who shares my opinions and feelings – someone I find congenial.”

“So what are your intentions?”

Huo Yunkai looked somewhat anxiously at his Yifu,” I want to hear Yifu’s opinions.”

Whether it is Huo Feng or Huo Yunkai, whenever they encounter something that they are unable to come to a decision on, they will always go to Yi Chongren.

The Crown Prince sitting before him had gradually matured, and become more manly. His appearance and demeanor more and more closely resembled his Emperor Father. Yi Chongren did feel somewhat emotional, the three children had already grown up – even Douzi and Baozi had their own worries.

Yi Chongren spoke,” Since you have a mutual affection, and the two sisters do not mind – then why don’t you take both of them in. However, since you have a special status, in the future when you ascend to the throne, which of them will be the Empress, and which will be the concubine – there are many things that can go wrong with this. If the Imperial Harem is chaotic, you as the Emperor will also not have a peaceful life.”

Huo Yunkai said,” I’m aware. This is one of the reasons that I came to Yifu.”

Yi Chongren pondered on the matter for a moment, then said,” In this case, you can take them into the Eastern Palace first. Don’t give them any official status first, observe if they are bothered by this. With their background, they can only be maidservants. If they start fussing over the position of the Crown Prince Consort [10], then Yifu would advise that it would be best to find out and disengage as soon as possible. If they aren’t bothered by the lack of formal status and are really able to accommodate one another, then you can marry them. Your Emperor Father would not have any objections.”

[10] tài zǐ fēi(太子妃) lit.”Crown Prince’s Concubine/Consort”. This refers to the Crown Prince’s official wife, or Crown Princess consort.

A wash of relief appeared across Huo Yunkai’s features, he nodded and said,” I was also considering this, but I still feel somewhat uncertain if I do not consult Yifu for his opinion. I know what I should do.”

En.” Yi Chongren was not overly worried about the Crown Prince. His current worry was on another matter.

“How did Baozi find out about his family background?”

Huo Yunkai’s expression froze over,” Emperor Father wanted to select some suitable study companions from families of the Senior Ministers who are above the fourth rank, for them to accompany Baozi and Douzi in their studies. Emperor Father said that he should have found them study companions earlier, but since Baozi and Douzi didn’t like outsiders, he delayed the selection.”

“Baozi and Douzi will reach the age to leave the palace to build their own residences in a few years. Emperor Father wanted to find them some companions so that they will still have friends even after they leave the palace.”

“Emperor Father had the senior ministers above the fourth rank, bring their eligible children into the palace. Baozi and Douzi were curious about the matter, so they snuck out to have a look. As a result, they heard several children privately discussing Baozi’s background. They said Baozi was adopted, and it would be better to be chosen as Douzi’s study companion, and so and so forth. Yifu, leave this matter to me. I will make them understand that Baozi is my ‘real’ brother.”

Yi Chongren responded coldly,” What the children say, is learned from their parents. You tell them that I, Yi Chongren am very protective and will shield our shortcomings.”

Huo Yunkai nodded,” I will. Tomorrow I will bring Baozi and Douzi out of the palace for some leisure. Yifu, don’t be angry and have it affect your own health.”

Yi Chongren said,” Baozi was sold to me by his parents for fifty taels of silver. The contract of sale has always been in my hands. You can take it, and search for Baozi’s parents. Baozi’s identity as a wangye will eventually reach their ears. Baozi fears me, and I expect that he won’t tell the truth. Tomorrow, ask him if he still wants to search for his real parents. Let him go if he does; but if he doesn’t have this intention at all, do you know what to do?”

“I will handle it properly.”

After the conversation between Yi Chongren and Huo Yunkai, Baozi had already resumed his previous smiling expression. Together with Douzi, the two were whispering together in the room.

Having confirmed that his Daddy and Emperor did want him, and verifying that Douzi would continue to consider him as a brother – and Baozi knowing that he had saved Douzi’s life. Not only did he not blame Daddy for being biased, but he instead rejoiced at this. He is so fat that he’s not afraid of losing some blood. But if it were Douzi who had his blood drunk by evil people every day, he would definitely have died. He did not want Douzi to die.

After Douzi found out that in order to save his life, Baozi’s wrist had been cut and his blood drunk by evil people – he cried even more bitterly than Baozi. Huo Feng had to put in a lot of effort to coax smiles from the two children.


That night, the two children clung to their Daddy’s side, as they ate dinner with their Emperor Father and Taizi-gege. Due to their being aggrieved and sad, when it was bedtime, they insisted on sleeping on Daddy’s bed. Yi Chongren agreed to it.

Sitting beside the bed, watching the two sleeping children, he noticed the swollen eyes and puffy faces that had yet to subside. An icy chill flashed across Yi Chongren’s gaze from time to time. Huo Feng sat behind him, one arm around his waist. After some time, Huo Feng planted a kiss on Yi Chongren’s formerly injured shoulder through his clothes. 

“The Crown Prince and I will give the children an accounting on this matter, don’t take it to heart.”

Yi Chongren didn’t make a sound.

Huo Feng clasped both of his hands, and whispered,” Baozi will eventually know his own background. He is still young, and learning of it now isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In the past, I didn’t want Baozi or Douzi to suffer at all, only wanting them to be leisurely and idle princes. But given what has happened today, I’ve changed my mind. They look down on Baozi, because they think that Baozi will never hold any power in the future. But if Baozi holds real power and influence, no one would dare say anything about him.”

Yi Chongren turned to one side and looked at Huo Feng.

Huo Feng could tell what he was about to say, and pecked a kiss onto his lips, smiling slightly,” Baozi and Douzi are both my sons.”

Yi Chongren’s teeth were clenched tightly, as he spoke,” Baozi is pure and simple, his nature is kind, and he loves to eat. Do you think that he’s suitable for this?”

“Let Douzi lead him, if the two brothers advance and retreat in tandem, there is no worry that Baozi will be taken advantage of.”

Huo Feng unfastened the buttons of Yi Chongren’s lapel, tugging down one side of his clothes. He kissed the distinctly noticeable scar from the arrow,” Don’t get irritated by these children who haven’t even grown all their hair. If you upset yourself and fall ill, I will feel very distressed.”

Yi Chongren’s body trembled slightly, one hand wrapped around Huo Feng’s neck, as he raised his head to meet Huo Feng’s kiss.

“Baozi and Douzi are here.”

“They sleep like a log, and won’t hear anything.”

Huo Feng picked the other person up and walked towards the outer room. Yi Chongren did not refuse, he indeed needed to ‘vent some of his heat’.


In the wee hours of the morning, Huo Feng was pondering deeply as he gazed at the soundly sleeping Yi Chongren.

Although he is now the Emperor, towards the throne, towards the imperial power and authority – he didn’t actually desire these things as much as he had thought he would. In fact, he often felt exhausted and weary because of these state affairs.

If the world hadn’t had Yi Chongren, he would never have become the Emperor. Every day he diligently managed the state affairs, but for what – it was merely because he did not want Chongren to find him weak or cowardly.

Fortunately, the Crown prince was not like him at all in this respect. The Crown Prince had an inherent talent for monarchy and statecraft. This in conjunction with Chongren’s years of careful instruction, the Crown prince’s achievements would definitely far outstrip his own.

If he chose to abdicate early, would Chongren look down on him for it?

Huo Feng was extremely hesitant. Should he…test the waters a little?

The Crown Prince already found a woman that he liked, in fact, there were two. How about…after the Crown Prince’s marriage, he’d try?

Being the Emperor was really very exhausting, to an Emperor like him who didn’t indulge in women, nor was he pleasure-seeking – the position of Emperor was merely a laborious job, without the slightest bit of fun or excitement to speak of.

He and Chongren had become mutual confidants too late –  they have already missed out on a lot of time together. He wanted to do his best to make up for it. But if he continued being the Emperor, this would be difficult to achieve.

Huo Feng tightened his embrace, but the man in his arms did not show any signs of waking up. He couldn’t help laughing.

Chongren, would only sleep so deeply when by his side. He might as well try it.

—The End–

3 thoughts on “Ming Jing Tai (明镜台) Extra

  1. Thank you for the extra translation. It’s very cute how the children react to some truths. They were young how could they understand such things earlier? I’m happy for li Chongren that he has a happy life & people to love and love him.

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