Peerless (无双)


In the third year of the founding emperor’s reign, the great Sui Dynasty, who succeeded the Northern Dynasty, had just begun. Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty had established the Jiejian Bureau in order to carry out intelligence activities, and make preparations to unify the world.

On one snowy night, the envoy from the kingdom of Khotan (Yutian) bearing tribute was assassinated. The Jiejian Bureau’s 2nd Bureau Head, Feng Xiao, was under imperial orders to investigate the matter personally. He ran into the Zuoyue Bureau’s zhengshi, Cui Buqu, who was currently in Liugong City handling a mission related to the Tujue.

The two equally proud and arrogant people had a mutual dislike for one another, causing trouble and quarreling with one another to the utmost. They were mutually engaged in a battle of wit and boldness, and discovered the shadowy mastermind behind the scenes. Under their joint investigative efforts, an enormous organization called Yunhai 13th Floor gradually emerged from the water’s surface…


Manhua: (Original text can be read here on Bilibili)

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